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How A Twin Tub Works

The Kelvinator 14kg Twin Tub is a washing appliance with two tubs, as the name implies. One tub is for washing the clothes in, while the other is used for spinning the clothes dry. Clothes are manually moved from the washing to the spinning tub. Twin tubs are advantageous as they tend to use less water than a normal front and top loader, making it ideal to use during our water crisis that our city is currently facing. The water can also be reused for more than one load. Further the spinning tub spin clothes much drier than a normal machine which allows clothes to dry much faster.

Adjustable Water Level Indicator

Adjustable water level indicator allows you to select the best water level to suit your washing needs. It allows for water to be saved when washing smaller loads, medium and bigger loads to be washed optimally when more water is required. Selection between 3 wash modes is also available.

Bubble Wash

There is a powerful flow of air bubbles that will penetrate clothing in order to loosen stubborn dirt, so your kid’s dirty uniform and sports clothes will come out looking as good as new.

Overheat Protection

The spin motor of the Kelvinator 14kg Twin Tub is programmed to automatically switches off to prevent overheating & damage to the motor.

Button filter

The button filter Traps small objects, that may be left in your pockets, to prevent damage to the machine and your laundry.